MARS PRODUCTS & SERVICES (MARS) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and a market leader in the field of Positive Displacement (P.D.) flow metering systems. With over one-and –half decades of professional experience, in design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintaining of over thousands of flow metering systems, we offer innovative ideas, optimum solutions and excellent customer support.

The P.D. Flow meters are available in sizes 1 ½” to 6”, and carry Model Approval from Legal Metrology (Weights & Measures Dept.) Govt. Of India. The Flow meters also have worldwide Weights & Measures approval including OIML, NIST, SABS, ATEX, MID and PED certification.

Our P.D. Flow meters are extensively used by a large cross-section of industry in India and abroad. They are effectively used for custody transfer of petroleum products, in Terminals & Depots of Oil-companies. Besides they find useful application, both stationery and mobile in other industries example: Aviation, Mining, Construction, Distellieries, Shipping, Blending of Ethanol/Bio diesel, Cross-country pipe-lines, Bulk Storage of liquids etc.


Our Products and Systems have travelled far and wide, beyond the shores of India, to

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