Automatic Tank Gauging System

VR Automatic Tank Gauging System

  • Real time storage tank fuel monitoring through tank gauging system with level, volume, temperature
  • Acuuracy better than +/- 1mm (certified by FCRI)
  • Static leak detection of up to 1 liter per hour
  • Works on Magnetostrictive principle specified by all Oil Companies in India
  • PESO & ATEX approved
  • Automatic dectection of quantity of fuel unloaded from oil company tank truck
  • Water or Sludge detection
  • Low & high level alarms to avoid dry run or spillage
  • End Fuel Management solution for fixed stations and refuelling bowsers
  • Complete control and visibility over fuel received, consumed, distributed and stored.
  • Designed for all the industries including retail, mining, construction, fleet, trasport.